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Grand Prix de France
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Appel à manifestation d'intérêt - Revendeurs de produits billetterie hors de France - Edition 2022

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Call for expression of interest – Ticket resale outside of France

The GIP – Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet (hereinafter referred to as the “GIP”) is granting the possibility to any foreign agent to resell to their clients official ticketing products from the General Public catalogue, according to terms that comply with the European regulation, for the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France 2022.

The General Public Catalogue includes:

  • Formula One French Grand Prix tickets
  • Ticketing for the races and events sold and organised by the GIP
  • Transportation (bus, train), Parking, accommodation in the official campsite for these events for which the GIP is the organiser and seller.

The GIP Grand Prix de France Le Castellet purpose is to promote and supervise the annual organization of the Formula One French Grand Prix at the Paul Ricard circuit in Le Castellet (83), at least up until 2022; The GIP is composed of private and public stakeholders, among which: The Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, the Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée, the Conseil Départemental du Var, the chamber of commerce of Le Var, the chamber of commerce of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, the Communauté d’agglomérations Sud Sainte-Baume, and Excelis the owner of the circuit.

It is the GIP’s responsibility to promote and increase awareness of the event. As a promoter and according to agreements with the commercial rights holder of the Formula One World Championship, the GIP is among other points the only entity authorized to (i) sell and market thicket to the event, (ii) manage the sales of the aforementioned tickets, (iii) regulate the tickets transfer conditions and (iv) more generally, capitalize on the revenue generated directly or indirectly by the event’s ticketing operations.

Resellers of tickets and associated services will be authorized to sell these products alone or as a Tour Operator by bundling them with transportation and/or accommodation services, whether these be handled by the GIP or not.

To qualify as a ticket reseller, the entity must comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Be a public or private legal entity, duly registered (but established out of France), with no record at the Banque de France and with a proven network of clients and references in the field of ticket sales for sport events;
  • To sell tickets for Formula 1 Grand Prix de France is compulsory. To sell tickets for the associated services and products (accommodation at the official campsite, Parking and transport) is non-compulsory.
  • Agree to commit to a minimum initial order of 20 tickets;
  • Agree that all subsequent orders shall account for a minimum of 10 tickets or associated products;
  • Agree that a specific reseller contract must be signed between the GIP and any party to guarantee they comply with the conditions of this call for expression of interest and additional ancillary conditions.
  • Agree to the following discounted price of purchase:
    • Event tickets – Single Day: 7% off the total ticket price VAT included
    • Event tickets – Multi day tickets (2days or 3days tickets): 8% off the total ticket price VAT included
    • Associated Products and services: 8% off the total ticket price VAT included

Moreover, the resellers commit to:

  • Not claim any official license associating the Grand Prix de France’s image and/or brand and not to present themselves as official agency of the Grand Prix de France;
  • Ensure prior validation from the GIP for any promotional material used for resale featuring graphical elements belonging to the GIP. To this intent, the GIP will make available to all resellers with whom it has entered into an agreement a media kit with all relevant images, documents and media to be used for promotional purposes;
  • Refrain from operating any resale in favour of any client living on the French territory (and invite such client to purchase his tickets directly with the GIP;
  • Refrain from promoting its sales on the French territory and/or for the specific attention of French customers, including but not limited to the purchase of sponsored links and contents on platforms such as Google or Facebook, or keywords on such platforms for the French market;
  • Refrain from operating any sale in favor of any professional client wishing to purchase tickets in order to resell them, and/or in favor of its own sub-contractors or sub-distributors without the GIP’s written and prior consent;
  • Require the purchaser’s complete agreement with the GIP’s general terms and conditions of ticket sales in force on the purchase date;
  • Maintain an adequate service allowing appropriate support to clients (before and after sales) in accordance with the Event’s prestige.

Compliance with all these commitments is a minimum requirement to becoming an international reseller, being understood that additional ancillary conditions stipulated in the reseller contract drafted by the GIP shall be accepted by any reseller.

To this end, the candidate will produce the following documents:

  • An application letter presenting the company (Headquarters, form, Registration Number, etc.);

A note listing the sales channels (physical and digital points of purchase) and, if need be, a list of all physical points of purchase and the basic contact information of the stores that make up the sales channel and/or the ways and means by which the tickets will be sold online;

  • A copy of the signatory power enabling the candidate to engage in a contract;
  • Proof/extract of the company’s registration with the local competent authorities dating back to no later than three (3) months;
  • A copy of any rulings against the company if the Candidates happens to be in administrative receivership;
  • Proof of insurance covering professional risks.

For additional information on the commercial rules applicable to Grand Prix de France 2021 ticket resale, please contact the GIP’s commercial direction by emailing [email protected]

Responding to this call for expression of interest implies full agreement to these minimum requirements. However, the commercial relationship remains subject to the GIP and the reseller signing a Ticket Sales Agreement

This call for expression of interest remains active until all ticket for the events have been sold, or until 31 January 2022 at the latest. No application will be turned down provided all minimum requirements set above are met and agreed to. As a consequence, no exclusivity will be granted to any reseller with which the GIP will sign a contract. As such, this does not constitute a public tender according to European regulation.

The GIP remains free to modify / cancel this call at any moment and without justification.

The GIP cannot guarantee the completeness of the information in this call and shall not bear any liability in this regard.

Any costs incurred by this call shall be borne by the applicants.

All communication between the GIP and the applicants is strictly confidential.

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