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Appel à manifestation d'intérêt - Sponsors

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Business introducers for the Grand Prix de France official sponsoring/IP products

GIP – Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet (hereinafter referred to as “GIP”) is granting the possibility to any agency to present to its clients, as business introducer, official intellectual property (“IP”), marketing and sponsoring products for the Grand Prix de France 2022, according to terms that comply with the European regulation.

To qualify as an authorized business introducer, the candidate must comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Be a public or private legal entity, duly registered in France or in Europe, with no record at the Banque de France and with a proven network of clients and references in the field of marketing and sponsoring sales for sport events;
  • Accept to receive a 15% commission of the total revenue cashed in by GIP;
  • Accept that the final contract shall be signed between GIP and the client;
  • Agree that a specific business introducer contract shall imperatively be signed between GIP and the candidate (in a form and under terms and conditions predefined by GIP) to guarantee a perfect compliance with the conditions of this call for expression of interest and any additional requirement of GIP.

Moreover, the candidate commits to:

  • Refrain from claiming any official license associating the Grand Prix de France’s image and/or brand and refrain from presenting itself as “official agency” or “official business introducer” of the Grand Prix de France;
  • Refrain from selling or commercializing directly (or via any intermediary) the official IP/marketing/sponsoring products of the Grand Prix de France;
  • Refrain from promoting the official Grand Prix de France IP/marketing/sponsoring products through its website, or through a mailing / newsletter. The candidate is allowed to promote the official Grand Prix de France IP/marketing/sponsoring products only via direct presentation to its clients. All material used to present the Grand Prix de France to potential partners/sponsors will need to go through a prior validation from GIP, and their production costs will be at the candidate’s expense. To this intent, GIP will make available to all business introducers with whom it has entered into an agreement a media kit with all relevant images, documents, data and media to be used for promotional purposes;
  • Propose to GIP, prior to any commercial solicitation, the name or the list of the brands considering that Grand Prix de France has a full ability to sell directly its rights through its in-house commercial team. This intermediate validation step will prevent from any potential commercial solicitation of brands already engaged or activated by Grand Prix de France;
  • Refrain from purchasing sponsored links and contents (Grand Prix de France, French Grand Prix, hospitality, and/or sponsoring with relation to the French Grand Prix, etc.) on platforms such as Google or Facebook, or keywords on such platforms for the French and international market;
  • Require the purchaser’s complete agreement with GIP’s general terms and conditions of the official IP/sponsoring products;

For additional information on the commercial rules applicable to Grand Prix de France 2022, please contact GIP’s commercial direction under [email protected]. A commercial manager will be your daily speaker located on the circuit. You will receive your counterpart’s contact details by email.



Responding to this call for expression of interest implies full agreement to these minimum requirements and to the terms and conditions of the business introducer contract template drafted by GIP, that can be sent to any candidate upon written request to GIP’s commercial direction ([email protected]). In any case, the commercial relationship remains subject to the signature of this business introducer contract.

This call for expression of interest remains active until the 30 of June 2022 at the latest. No application will be turned down provided all minimum requirements set above are met and agreed to. As a consequence, no exclusivity will be granted to agencies or business introducers with which GIP will sign a contract. As such, this does not constitute a public tender per European rule.

GIP remains free to modify / cancel this call at any moment and without justification.

GIP cannot guarantee the completeness of the information in this call and shall not bear any liability in this regard.

Any costs incurred by this call shall be borne by the applicants.

All communication between GIP and the candidates is strictly confidential.

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