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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I purchase tickets for the Formula 1 French Grand Prix?
    You can purchase tickets for the Formula 1 French Grand Prix on our official website: https://tickets.gpfrance.com/uk
    What does a Formula 1 French Grand Prix ticket give access to?
    A Formula 1 Grand Prix is comprised of practice sessions on Friday all day and Saturday morning, qualifyng sessions on Saturday afternoon and of course the race on Sunday. Un Grand Prix de Formule 1 comprend des séances d’essais libres le vendredi et samedi matin, des séances de qualifications le samedi après-midi et une course le dimanche. Your ticket will also grant you access to the support races, the Fan Zone animations, parades and so much more… The French Grand Prix offer also includes other activities such as concerts and other artistic performances. The Full Pass gives access to those 3 days of racing: Formula 1 and supporting races. The Week-end Pass gives access to the circuit on Saturday and Sunday only Regardless of the type of PASS you have purchased (Day Pass or multi-day Pass) your ticket gives access to: • The grandstand you have made your booking for; • A parking space for a car or a motorcycle; • Animations and other artistic performances offered each day.
    What is the French Historic Grand Prix and how can I attend?
    For the first time, the Paul Ricard circuit will host the French Historic Grand Prix from 11-13 July 2021. During those 3 days, the single-seaters’ greatest years will be on display. We will be celebrating 40 years of the sport’s history through more a dozen races, over 200 participating cars, animations and exhibitions. Tickets for the general public will be available in a 3-Day or Sunday only format at the following website https://tickets.gpfrance.com/uk
    Are the Grandstands covered?
    Only the Virage du Pont 2, 3 and 4 grandstands are fully covered. Ligne de départ and Virage du Pont 1 are only partially covered.
    Can I choose my seat?
    The Formula 1 French Grand Prix is the only Formula 1® promoter to offer a 3D seating booking solution that also provides the user with a 3D view of a given seat.
    My friends and I have booked tickets separately and aren’t seated together, could you reseat us so that we can be seated next to one another?
    Unfortunately, no. Reseating isn’t possible. In order to be seated together, all tickets need to be purchased within the same order. When proceeding to check out, the shared payment method allows a person to book all tickets for a groyup whilst splitting the payment amongst several members.
    My child is 16 years old; can I book a discounted 6-16YO ticket?
    The 6-16YO rate is valid for children born between 27 June 2005 and 27 June 2015. A document proving the child’s age will need to be produced at the circuit’s entrance. Failure to produce a supporting document will deny you the access to the circuit. A child under the age of 16 cannot access the circuit alone and will need to be accompanied by an adult.
    My child is under 6 years old, what ticket do I need to purchase?
    Children under the age of 6 years old (born before 27 June 2015) have access to the event for free. A ticket needs to be retrieved from one of the ticket booths on site on the day of the event upon presentation of a supporting document (ID). Children under the age of 6 aren’t assigned a seat and will need to be seated on their parent’s lap. A child under the age of 6 cannot access the circuit alone and will need to be accompanied by an adult.
    I am an FFSA member, do I have special offers?
    FFSA members for the 2020-2021 season have access to discounted rates for the Formula 1 French Grand Prix and the French Historic Grand Prix. Conditions that apply and access to those discounts will be communicated to you by the FFSA. However, if you are a FFSA 2020-2021 member and haven’t received any information you may write us an email at [email protected]
    Can I purchase a ticket on site at the event?
    While sticks last, you may purchase tickets at one of the ticket booths at the event. However, in border to be certain to have tickets on the day of the event we strongly recommend booking your tickets beforehand.
    We are an association or a company, how do we place an order?
    Public and private companies, work councils, groups of 10+) have access to discounted rates for the Formula 1 French grand Prix and the French Historic Grand Prix. To book your tickets, please get in touch with our sales team at [email protected]
    How do I get a refund if I can’t attend the Grand Prix?
    Tickets can’t be exchanged and are non-refundable. However, if you are a European Union, Swiss or French national, you can subscribe to our Insurance when booking your ticket and get a refund if you can’t attend the event (70% refund without any supporting documents, 100% with supporting documents). The insurance covers risks such as forced quarantine because of a positive testing to Covid-19.
    Can I resell of purchase tickets on websites other than the official Formula 1 French Grand Prix website?
    To this day, the French Grand Prix doesn’t have an official resale platform. Tickets can be transferred to another person but can never be sold and at a higher price than its face value. Black Market: Do not buy ticket on the black market, to hawkers of unauthorized resellers or you will risk not being able to enter the circuit. In case of tickets purchased on the black market, the GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet cannot be held accountable. We strongly recommend against buying tickets through unauthorized resellers that often overcharge and where you risk never receiving the tickets or being granted access to the events you paid for.
  2. What does the Refund Guarantee cover?
    The refund guarantee is an insurance solution offered by our partner Ticketmate. It allows subscibers to get a refund for the tickets and associated services purchased on the website https://tickets.gpfrance.com/ if an unforeseen event makes it impossible for you to go to the event. The refund guarantee covers, without being limited to, accidents, illness of self or of a close relation (including Covid-19), transport strikes, ID theft, professional constraint… Your tickets will be refunded within 48 hours and up to 70% no questions asked or up to 100% with supporting documents. More information and conditions that apply can be found here: https://gpfrance.legal.ticketmate.io/
    I subscribed to Ticketmate’s refund guarantee. If I have to cancel my tickets, how do I proceed?
    In order to get a refund, please click on the following link and follow the steps https://gpfrance.remboursement.ticketmate.io Your request in validated in less than a minute and processed within 48 hours. If the team over at Ticketmate need more information or supporting documents, they will reach out to you by email, at the address used when purchasing your tickets on https://www.gpfrance.com/uk
    Where can I find the information required to identify myself on the Refund Form?
    The first step of the refund for available at https://gpfrance.remboursement.ticketmate.io, is to confirm your identity in order for Ticketmate to retrieve the information relevant to your order. You will need to submit: your email address – the one that you used when purchasing your tickets – and Ticketmate’s subscription reference number that was emailed to you right after paying for your tickets.
    How do I get a full refund for my tickets?
    When asking for a refund, you’re given the choice -at step 3 of the Refund form - between two refund options. The Remboursement silver that allows you to get a 70% refund, without any supporting documents, no questions asked. And the Remboursement Gold that allows you to get a full 100% refund upon presentation of valid supporting documents, the list of which is available at the penultimate step of the refund form. If you’re not in possession of all the supporting documents required, you can still go ahead with the refund request and send them later on at the following email address: [email protected]
    I wish to get a refund for Ticketmate’s Refund Guarantee I subscribed to, is that possible? How do I do that?
    You have 14 days to withdraw from the moment you subscribed to Ticketmate’s service. During that timeframe, you can request a refund by sending an email to the following address [email protected] If the event takes place less than 14 days from the date of subscription, your right to withdraw from your subscription terminates on the day of the event. The withdrawal period is waived after the event ends.
    How do I get my hands on Ticketmate certificate of insurance?
    Right after purchasing ticket on https://www.gpfrance.com/uk, you received two emails. The first email from the French Grand Prix confirming your order and a second email form Ticketmate confirming your subscription to Ticketmate’s Refund Guarantee. The email was sent by [email protected] and the subject line reads “votre certificate d’adhésion Ticketmate”. Attached to this email is your Certificate. If you’re anable to put your hands on that email, please send an email requesting a cetifiate of insurance to [email protected] You will receive it within 48 hours.
  3. What are the payment methods available?
    You can pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. Your data is fully secured. For credit and debit card payment made on our website https://tickets.gpfrance.com/uk our partner PLEDG offers additional payment methods such as payment in 3 instalments as well as shared payment (both payment methods can’t be combined). Information relating to your card aren’t kept on our website. An invoice is sent after making a purchase. American Expresses aren’t accepted.
    Do fees apply if I pay in 3 instalments?
    If you choose to pay in three instalments, a 1.5% fee applies and will be added to the total amount of your order. The fee will be charged on the first instalment. The second instalment will be charged 1 month after your purchase and the third instalment is charged 2 months after the date of your purchase.
    I had to stop my card before my final instalment, what will happen?
    In the event that you had to stop you card or close your account before the end of your instalments you will be contacted by our partner PLEDG to find an alternative method of payment.
    I want to share the payment with friends, how does that work?
    Going to a Grand Prix can be costly, but you can now share the total amount due with your friends and family members you’re purchasing tickets with by selecting the Shared Payment method. The total amount will be split amongst the number of people you wish to share the payment with. You can decide to change the amount due by each participant and will have to submit an email address for each payer. They will receive an email and be given 48h to pay their share by credit or debit card. You will only have to pay your share to confirm the order.
    I chose the shared payment method but one of the payers hasn’t paid his share, will my order be cancelled?
    As the main buyer you also act as guarantor. If one or more payer fails to pay for their share after the 48h period then the amount due will be automatically debited off your account. The order is validated once the main buyer make the initial payment so the order isn’t cancelled it one or more payer fails to pay their share.
    Can I cancel or change my order?
    In accordance with the article L221-28,12° of the French Consumer Code, tickets to sporting events and associated products aren’t subjected to a withdrawal period. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, when purchasing your tickets you can subscribe to our refund guarantee that will allow you to get your maney back if you were unable to attend the event (70% no questions asked, 100% with supporting documents). The refund guarantee covers, but is not limited to, forced quarantine due to a Covid-19 infection.
    What happens if the Grand Prix is postponed, cancelled, held behind closed doors or with a reduced capacity?
    If the event is postponed, cancelled, held behind closed doors or with a reduced capacity because of an event that isn’t a case of Force Majeure, then you will be eligible for refund or ticket rollover. All requests must be made within 1 month of the event’s cancellation. If the event is postponed, cancelled, held behind closed doors or with a reduced capacity because of a case of Force Majeure, of a third party or because of the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tickets and associated products will roll over to the 2022 Edition of the French Grand Prix.
  4. How and when will I get my tickets?
    Ticketing being exclusively online, your e-tickets will be made available online, on your personal account MY ACCOUNT/ MY ORDERS at https://tickets.gpfrance.com/uk. You will be able to either download and print your e-ticket or chose to transfer it to a Passbook. You will receive a notification by email for the avilability of your e-tickets one month before the event, at the latest.
    Did my order go through?
    Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming your order. If you didn’t receive the email, we invite you to check your spam folder first. If the email is nowhere to be found then you might have submitted an incorrect email address when creating your account. We invite you to write down your order number and to get in touch with us.
    I didn’t get an email confirming my order, what should I do?
    If you didn’t receive the email, we invite you to check your spam folder first. If the email is nowhere to be found then you might have submitted an incorrect email address when creating your account. We invite you to write down your order number and to get in touch with us.
    Do I have to print my tickets?
    e-tickets need to be printed out on paper (A4/Letter format, full page and with a proper printing quality) in order to limit waiting time before entering the circuit. In order to save paper and if you wish to have your ticket on your phone then you can download your ticket as an mTicket. The order confirmation or a payment receipt doesn’t constitute a tickets and won’t give you access to the event.
    Are tickets nominative?
    No, tickets to the Formula 1 French Grand Prix and the French Hisoric Grand Prix aren’t nominative. Only the name of the purchaser appears on the tickets, there is no ID control at the events.
  1. What is the Official French Grand Prix resell platform?
    The Official French Grand Prix resell platform is a service that allows you to sell some of your passes to other spectators in complete confidence and security.
    Passes purchased on the Official Exchange cannot be re-sold afterwards.
    How to access the official French Grand Prix Resell platform?

    If you are a customer of the 2022 French Grand Prix but unfortunately cannot attend, you can resell your tickets purchased on the gpfrance.com website by accessing the resale functionality from your account / my orders area.

    If you are looking for tickets for sale on the resell platform, go directly to the official French Grand Prix ticketing page: https://www.gpfrance.com/en/official-ticketing/ and select your type of pass from the 3-day, 2-day, Sunday, Saturday or Friday offers.

    What are buying and selling costs?
    At the time of purchase, the GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet handles the entire transaction, including the provision of secure tickets to the new purchaser. A fee of 10% of the resale price of the tickets is then retained for the buyer and the seller.
    I bought a pass on the Resell platform, how can I get my ticket?
    The eTicket(s) can be retrieved from your personal space on https://tickets.gpfrance.com/uk/user, under the heading "My Orders". They are offered in a format suitable for printing on paper and in a version designed for your mobile screen.
    Why can't some of my tickets be put back on sale?

    Certain categories of tickets cannot be resold or purchased on the Official Resell platform due to technical or security constraints. This applies to the following tickets and products:

    • Special categories of the 2022 French Grand Prix with experience such as Skybar, La Plage, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon drivers' grandstands, 16-25 grandstand
    • Hospitality products
    • PRM and PSH tickets
    • Mobility products (parking, GP Express, special TGV) and camping
    • Tickets purchased via approved resellers in France (Francebillet, Ticketmaster, SeeTickets, Veepee, Meyclub...) or abroad (F1.com, motorsporttickets.com, gootickets...)
    • Tickets purchased via CSE
    How do I get the money back from the sale?
    The amount of the sale is paid to the bank card used for the online purchase.
    This payment is made within one month of the date of the event.
    Who should I contact if I have problems/questions about the Official Resell platform?
    You can contact the ticketing service by email: [email protected].
    I don't want to sell my ticket anymore, what should I do?
    The sale of passes can be cancelled at any time (if the purchase has not been made in the meantime) in your personal space, under "My Orders".
  1. Where is the circuit?
    Address: 2760 Route des Hauts du Camp, RDN8, 83330 Le Castellet GPS coordinates: 43°15'07 "North / 5°47'17 "East
    How do you operate the main roads surrounding the circuit?
    The 3 main roads (Signes, Cuges-les-Pins et le Beausset) never intersect in order to adjust the flow of spectators. These roads determine which parking area the spectators will be using.
    At what time do you recommend I get to the circuit?
    The earlier the better in order to gain access to the circuit quickly but also to take advantage all all the activities available on site.
  2. What can I bring with me at the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France and/or French Historic Grand Prix?
    In accordance with the Vigipirate Plan and for security reasons, we would like to remind you than only one small bag (purse or small backpack) per person is allowed within the circuit. No large bag, large item or cooler will be allowed inside. Folding chairs, umbrellas and sunshades are permitted. The following items are prohibited: • Weapons, blunt instruments and sharp objects • Explosives and flamable substances and devices • Glass containers • Fires • Animals (apart from guide dogs) • Alcohol • Drones • Laser devices • Banners or other medium bearing political, religious or promotional messages
    Is re-entry permitted?
    You will be allowed to re-enter the circuit only in case of emergency. Your ticket will need to be « scanned out » in order to be “scanned in” again when re-entering.
  3. I have a disability; how do I get tickets?
    Disabled tickets are available on the official website https://tickets.gpfrance.com/uk by clicking on the Tab “Disabled Tickets” and filling out the form. Disabled spectators will need to produce a proof of disability 80% or higher when placing their order with our sales team. A specific platform is available with discounted prices to the Formula 1 French Grand Prix and French Historic Grand prix for disabled persons.
    Are specific parking areas available?
    Yes, disabled tickets come with a specific parking spot and can be requested when placing the order with our sales team. Limited to one per order.
    I have a disability, can I come with a personal assistant, friend or family member?
    Each disabled spectator gets a discount on their ticket. They can also request one or more ticket (depending on availability at the time of the purchase) who will pay the rate that applies at the time of the purchase.
    Are Guide Dogs allowed at the circuit?
    Absolutely, guide dogs are allowed at the event in accordance with French law. You will need to produce necessary proof before entering the circuit.
  1. A question in general?
    Ticketing-related questions?
    If you can’t find the answer to your question in this FAQ, you can get in touch with us by email [email protected] or by phone by calling +33 (0)9 70 25 22 05.
    A question about transportation?
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