General Sales Conditions

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From June 21– 23, 2019

The following terms, when capitalized, are defined as follows for the purposes of interpreting and performing these general terms and conditions of sale (GTS):

Purchaser Means any individual or legal entity ordering a Ticket providing access to the Event or a Product.
Ticket Means any ticket sold by the GIP, and in particular:

  • The “Daily Pass” ticket (without any related services), which provides access to the Event on Friday June 21, Saturday June 22, or Sunday June 23, 2019;
  • The “3-Day Pass” (without any related services), which provides access to the event on Friday June 21, Saturday June 22, and Sunday June 23, 2019;
  • Tickets sold as “packages” that include related services (accommodation, transfer, etc.);
Physical Ticket Means any paper or plastic Ticket.
GTS Means these general terms and conditions of ticket and associated product sales, applicable to the 2019 Formula One French Grand Prix.
Circuit Means the Paul Ricard automobile racetrack located at 2760 Route des Hauts du Camp, RDN8, 83330 Le Castellet, France
Order Means the process by which the Purchaser purchases a Ticket or a product.
Agreement Means the agreement entered into between GIP and the Purchaser for the purpose of purchasing one or more Tickets or products, as well as any amendment, substitution, extension or renewal of such agreement.
E-Ticket Means any electronic ticket that is transmitted to the Purchaser by email or through the Site and can be printed on paper.
Event Means the 2019 Formula One French Grand Prix taking place from June 21 to 23, 2019 at the Circuit.
Administrative Fees Means the administrative fees related to obtaining a Ticket or Tickets.
GIP Means the “GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE – LE CASTELLET” public-interest group (Groupement d’Intérêt Public), which is located at Hôtel de Région, 27, Place Jules Guesde 13003 Marseille and is responsible for promoting the Event.
I.D. Means any currently valid proof of identity, issued by a French or foreign authority, that includes, in particular, the holder’s first and last names, nationality, and photograph.
FFSA Licensees Means the individuals or legal entities that hold a license for 2018 issued by the French Motorsports Federation (Fédération Française du Sport Automobile)
Delivery Means sending the Ticket(s) and/or Product(s) that was or were ordered to the Purchaser.
M-Ticket Means any electronic Ticket that can be viewed using a dedicated application and downloaded onto a mobile device and appears as a unique bar code (“QR Code”) that contains the digital information attached to the Ticket.
Parties Means the Purchaser and the GIP together (the “Parties”) and the Purchaser or the GIP individually (a “Party”)
Ticketholder Means any individual, whether the Purchaser or not, who holds a Ticket and by means of the Ticket, enters the Racetrack during the Event.
Price Means the unit value of a Ticket or a Product. Such value includes all taxes but excludes Administrative Fees.
Subtotal Means the subtotal for the Tickets or Products for which the Order is placed. This amount includes all taxes but excludes Administrative Fees.
Total Price Means the Subtotal plus the Administrative Fees. This amount includes all taxes.
Product Means any product sold by the GIP in addition to Tickets, without access to the Event (parking places, campsite, etc.)
Internal Rules Means the Racetrack’s internal rules, as well as any related regulations applicable inside the Racetrack.
Site Means the website operated by the GIP to sell the Tickets and Products, currently accessible at


The purpose of the GTS is to set out the terms according to which (i) any Purchaser acquires from the GIP or its designated provider one or more Tickets to attend any or all of the Event and/or Products, and (ii) any Ticketholder enters the Circuit during the Event.

They are applicable to all Purchasers and all Ticketholders.


The GTS apply, as a matter of law, to any Ticket Order placed with the GIP for the purpose of attending the Event or Product Order placed with the GIP, whether the order is placed on line through the Site or is the subject of a separate agreement entered into between the GIP (or its designated provider) and the Purchaser mainly or secondarily for the purpose of selling Tickets or Products to attend the Event (including in the broader context of public relations services, retail distribution of packages, or partnership).

No contrary terms, in particular terms of purchase, are enforceable against the GIP. In the case of a contradiction between the GTS and the provisions of any special agreement entered into between the GIP and the Purchaser, the relevant provision of the special agreement shall prevail over the GTS provision.

The GTS, as well as all contractual information mentioned on the Site, are written in French. If any of such information is translated and the foreign translation contradicts the French version, only the French version will be taken into account.


The GTS are made available to each purchaser on the Site, where they can be viewed directly. They may also be sent to Purchasers upon a simple request made by email to

The Purchaser represents that they have the full legal capacity required to place the Order, or warrants to the GIP that they obtained prior authorization to enter into an agreement.

All Orders require the Purchaser’s complete agreement with the GTS. To materialize such agreement, the Purchaser must check the box provided for this purpose on the Site, or sign the Agreement. It is specified that failing agreement, the Order will not be validated and cannot be taken into account.

The rights and obligations set out in the GTS are transferrable “propter rem” and as a matter of law to the Ticketholder.


The GIP reserves the right to modify the GTS at any time. In such case, the applicable GTS are the GTS in force on the date the Order is placed, along with any later modification in relation with safety or public order matters that would be brought to the Purchaser’s knowledge.


The fact that one contractual clause is void does not nullify the GTS.

The GIP’s temporary or permanent failure to apply one or more GTS clauses shall not constitute a waiver by the GIP of such clauses or of other clauses in the GTS, which will remain in full force and effect.


6.1 – Characteristics / Presentation

The Tickets and Products offered for sale and presented on the Site are each the subject of an optional description indicating their essential characteristics within the meaning of Article L. 111‐1 of the French Consumer Protection Code.

The GIP alone decides on the methods for selling the Tickets and Products and the number of Tickets and Products available for each sales method.

The GIP shall be free to decide to offer, at its absolute discretion, a free parking solution attached to the Ticket and/or Product (including, if required, a collective shuttle to join the Circuit).

6.2 –Ticket Availability

Tickets are sold and delivered per stand and per price category, while stocks last. Products are also sold while stocks last.

If the Ticket(s) or Products ordered are not available, the GIP will inform the Purchaser and may offer the Purchaser a Ticket or Product of equivalent quality at an equivalent price. If the Purchases rejects such offer, the GIP shall reimburse the amount paid within two months.

Other than reimbursing the price of the unavailable Ticket or Product, the GIP itself not required to pay any compensation for cancellation unless it is proved that the GIP is personally at fault for the failure to fill the Order.

6.3 – Ticket Sales Periods

Sales of “3-Day Pass” Tickets to the general public will begin on the Site on November 20th, 2018. It will be preceded by the sale of 4.000 “3-Day Pass” Tickets on November 19th, 2018, through the “Vente-privé” partner platform.

Sale of “Daily Pass” Tickets shall occur pursuant to the following calendar (mentioned on an indicative basis only, and that might be modified later by the GIP):

  • Friday Pass: starting from February 1st, 2019
  • Saturday Pass: starting from March 1st, 2019
  • Sunday Pass: starting from March 15th, 2019

Unless a specific time period is indicated, the online sales offers made on the Site are valid as long as the Tickets or Products appear in the electronic catalogue and while stocks last. The GIP reserves the right to set different sale dates for different distribution channels.

6.4 – Limitation on the Number of Tickets

Individual Purchasers cannot order more than six (6) Tickets in a single Order, regardless of whether the tickets are “Daily Pass” or “3-Day Pass” tickets, or are sold as “packages” on the online sales platform.

6.5 – Minors

All minors under 16 must be accompanied inside the main Circuit area or, if applicable, in the same stand, by an adult who is responsible for them and is in possession of a Ticket. When a minor’s Ticket is purchased, one of the minor’s parents or legal guardians must authorize the minor to attend the Event and warrant that the minor will be accompanied, inside the main Circuit area or, if applicable, in the same stand, by an adult who is responsible for such minor and is in possession of a valid Ticket.

Access to the Circuit during the Event is free for children who are accompanied by a person who has a Ticket, upon presentation of I.D. Only one child under six (6) per person who has a Ticket may access the Circuit for free. It is specified that the child will not be assigned a seat in the stands.

The GIP advises parents not to bring children under two (2) to the Event, and advises to equip any children with earplugs.

6.6 – Persons Living with a Disability

There is a specific ticket office for holders of a disability card proving they are more than 80% disabled and who use a wheelchair, and individuals who have a disability card indicating “needs an assistant” or “blind.

These persons shall transmit their invalidity document directly through the online sale platform during their Order. Such Order shall then be automatically validated, provided that the Purchaser shall be recontacted for cancellation and reimbursement, in case of non-compliant invalidity document.

Any spectator with disabilities shall book a (free) disabled person parking during the Order, in order to access this specific parking area during the Event.

Anyone living with a disability may be accompanied to the Circuit by the person of their choice. For this purpose, they must order an additional ticket for their companion according to the terms set out above, and their companion might be granted special price terms in accordance with Article 6.11 below.

6.7 – Restrictions

The GIP reserves the right to refuse any Order from and/or deliver any Ticket or Product to any person who has committed any of the acts listed in Article 17 of the GTS, or who has not paid.

6.8 – Seat Assignment at the Circuit

The GIP alone decides on the stands and sections of stands where seats may be sold and the number of Tickets available for each stand and section of a stand.

It is hereby specified that seats in the stands are assigned randomly but, in theory, in continuous numbered order.

Example: If four Tickets are purchased, in theory they will provide access to continuously numbered seats (i.e., seats 1/2/3/4). If one of the aforementioned seats has already been assigned, the seats will be split, but there will never be one seat isolated from the others (i.e., seats 10/11 and 20/21).

The rule of continuous seat assignment described above applies only to Tickets in the same product category for the same stand. The Purchaser is therefore informed that the GIP does not warrant any seating continuity between, for example, “3-Day Pass” and “Daily Pass” tickets.

The main Circuit area (“general admission”) corresponds to visibility areas around the track that shall be set and decided freely by the GIP. They do not correspond to grandstand seats.

6.9 – Ticket Media

Tickets are sent electronically (“E-Tickets” or “M-Tickets”) by email on a date determined by the GIP that falls before the Event.

The GIP will not deliver any Physical Tickets.

6.10 – Ticket Ownership

Tickets indicate (i) the name of the Purchaser (individual Purchaser or legal entity Purchaser), (ii) for Tickets with assigned seating in a stand, a seat number that must be complied with, and (iii) potentially, if the GIP decides so, the name of the Ticketholder (person named by the Purchaser as the beneficiary of the Ticket).

Only one Ticketholder shall benefit from each Ticket during the whole Event’s duration (including the “3-Day Pass” tickets, that cannot be used by different Ticketholders for each day of the Event).

Tickets ordered by disabled persons shall be nominative.

6.11 – Prices

Prices of Tickets and Products are displayed on the Site and can be given by telephone.

Prices are indicated in euros with all taxes included, but excluding Delivery and transportation costs (indicated before the Order is validated and invoiced in addition).

The Ticket or Product Price is the price in effect on the day the Order is placed. It does not include Administrative Fees, as explained in Article 6.12 below.

The Total Price owed by the Purchaser is indicated on the Order confirmation page

In the case of promotion through pricing, the GIP shall apply the promotional price to any Order placed during the period in which such promotion is advertised, up to the quota initially determined by the GIP.

The GIP reserves the right to change its Price at any time (and in particular, to apply prices that change over time), but guarantees to the Purchase that the price in effect on the day the Order is placed will apply.

The GIP reserves the right to institute (then to change at any time) discount price policies applicable to certain Purchasers or certain categories of Purchasers that GIP shall freely designate, and in particular:

  • Companions of persons living with a disability and who would need accompany;
  • Minors under 12;
  • FFSA licensees;
  • Orders placed during advance sales operations, such as those referred to in Article 6.3;

Orders placed in connection with any drawing or any promotional offer announced previously by the GIP.

6.12 – Administrative Fees

Administrative Fees may be added to each Order, according to a price sheet that will be expressly indicated to the Purchaser before the Order is validated.

The GIP reserves the right to change the Administrative Fees at any time, but guarantees to the Purchaser that the Administrative Fees in effect on the day the Order is placed will apply.


Tickets and Products are purchased through the Site or in any reseller networks the GIP may indicate. In general, the GIP reserves the right to limit the distribution channels according to the types of Products, Tickets and/or stands.

It is stipulated that in its capacity as promoter of the Event, the GIP has the exclusive right to sell Tickets. The GIP therefore declines all responsibility in connection with the sale or alleged sale of tickets on the secondary market or through unauthorized platforms (i.e., other than the Site and potential authorized resellers).

7.1 – Steps for Placing an Order on the Site

To place an Order on the Site, an individual Purchaser must follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the Site’s address into your browser;
  2. Follow the Site’s instructions for placing an Order for a Ticket or Tickets and/or Product(s);
  3. Complete the Order form. If the connection is inactive for an extended period, it is possible that the Tickets and/or Products selection made by the Purchaser before such inactivity can no longer be guaranteed. The user will then be invited to recommence its Ticket and/or Products selection. While the Order is being placed, if the GIP has instituted such technology (which it reserves the right to do or not), a 2D or 3D application may enable the Purchaser to see the area and/or stand where they will be assigned a seat, and/or may be shown an aerial view or a representation of the view from such stand, purely for informational, not contractual, purposes;
  4. Verify the information in the Order and, if applicable, identify and correct any mistakes;
  5. Validate the Order, the Subtotal, and the Total Price;
  6. Follow the instructions on the online payment server to pay the Total Price.

7.2 – Validating the Order on the Site

Before clicking on “Purchase,” the Purchaser can verify the details of the Order and the Total Price. Validating the Order by double clicking manifests the Purchaser’s acceptance of the offer.

By validating the Order, the Purchaser agrees to the GTS in force on the day the Order is placed (the preservation of which is guaranteed by the GIP and/or its provider) as well as the general terms of use of the technology of the GIP’s ticketing provider and the GIP’s privacy policy, and concludes the Agreement between the GIP and the Purchaser. The GIP or its provider sends an email as soon as possible acknowledging receipt of the Order and payment.

The GIP reserves the right to refuse any Order for legitimate reasons, and more specifically if the quantity of Tickets ordered is abnormally high for Purchasers who are consumers.

7.3 –Payment on the Site

The Purchaser pays the Total Price on the Site by bank card, in euros only. The following bank cards are accepted: Carte Bleue, Visa, and Eurocard/MasterCard (e-bank cards and virtual bank cards are not accepted).

The Purchaser confirms that they are the holder of the bank card to be debited and that the name on the bank card is theirs. The Purchaser provides the sixteen numbers and the expiration date of their bank card, as well as, if applicable, the security code.

All payment incidents (failure to complete the entire online secure payment protocol) result in the automatic rejection of the Order.

The transaction is debited immediately from the Purchaser’s bank card after the card information has been verified, upon receipt of authorization to debit from the issuer of the Purchaser’s card.

The obligation to pay, which is given by means of a payment card, is irrevocable.

By providing the information related to their bank card, the Purchaser authorizes the GIP or its provider to debit such bank card in the amount of the Total Price. If debiting the Total Price is impossible, the transaction will be immediately cancelled by operation of law and the Order will be cancelled.

7.4 – Secure Payment

The Site has a secure payment system that incorporates the “SSL” security standard, which systematically checks the validity of access rights during payment by bank card and encrypts all financial flows. Confidential bank data is encrypted and transmitted to a banking server in charge of processing and verification.

The GIP and/or its payment provider may, at their discretion, set up computerized security systems to reduce the risks of banking-data theft, and thus enhance the security of transactions made by the Purchaser on the Site.

Pursuant to the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the Purchaser has a right to access, correct, and object to all of their personal data at any time by sending a letter, with proof of I.D., to the agent of the GIP’s payment provider: WEEZEVENT, 164 rue Ambroise Croizat, 93200 Saint-Denis, France.

7.5 – Ticket Purchasing Procedure Specific to Legal Entities

As long as Tickets and/or Products are available, legal entities may purchase them through their legal representatives or any person authorized for such purpose. Such legal representatives or agents place requests with the GIP’s sales contact or send them to the following email address:

The purchase is validated by the GIP’s receipt of the duly completed and signed order form (with the GTS attached), returned to it by the deadline indicated on such order form (i.e., 5 business days after the GIP sends the order form, as indicated by the postmark) and after payment of the Total Price.

Payment is made by check or bank transfer.

At its discretion, the GIP may deem void any order form returned to it after the deadline indicated above. The GIP may also, at its discretion, deem an Order to be void if the legal entity Purchaser does not pay any or all of the amounts to be paid upon purchase.

7.6 – Changes to Orders

Any Purchaser-initiated change to an Order after the Order has been validated is subject to the GIP’s consent, which is discretionary. All requests in this regard must be sent to the GIP’s sales contact or by email to, it being specified that the GIP will not be under any obligation to grant such a request.


After the Order has been validated (subject to full payment), the Purchaser receives, by email, confirmation that payment of the Order has been accepted and acknowledgement of receipt constituting confirmation of the Order.

Delivery is made by email transmission of the Ticket(s) (or Product’s proof of purchase) to the Purchaser on a date determined by the GIP that falls before the Event. The GIP cannot be held liable for any harm arising, in particular but not only, from an error in the email address that was given when the Order was placed, a failure of the communication lines and/or Internet, the Purchaser’s inability to download the Ticket contained in the email and/or the loss of any email, and, more broadly, problems that cause the loss of any data.

In addition, the Purchaser is encouraged to look in their email program’s “spam” folder for the email containing the Ticket(s) or Product’s proof of purchase.


Tickets and Products cannot be exchanged or reimbursed, no matter what reason is raised by the Purchaser, including any case of impossibility for the Purchaser to be present at all or part of the Event for any reason whatsoever (personal, professional, medical, technical or other reason), even if the Purchaser holds supporting documents of any kind.

GIP’s sale of Tickets constitutes the performance of a leisure activity service that must be provided on a given date or within a defined period. The right to cancel provided for in Article L221-18 of the French Consumer Protection Code therefore does not apply (Article L.221-28(12) of such Code).

The same is true for any additional services or performance in relation with Products (such as the provision of accommodation other than residential), provided they are inseparable from the Tickets, which the Purchaser acknowledges and accepts.


All E-Tickets must be printed in portrait mode on blank white A4 paper, with no change in the font size. No other medium (mobile phone, tablet, screen, etc.) is valid, and E-Tickets that are only partially printed, dirty, damaged, or unreadable cannot be deemed valid.

If the print quality is poor, printing the E-Ticket with a different printer is highly recommended.


All M-Tickets must be downloaded onto a mobile phone through a dedicated application.

The Ticketholder presents the QR code to the Circuit access control systems and scans such code into the dedicated computerized systems. The Ticketholder must therefore make sure their device has enough battery to operate during the Circuit access control. The GIP does not make any substitute devices available and declines all responsibility if the Circuit access control fails for reasons unrelated to a breach by it (e.g., Ticketholder’s mobile phone incompatible or defective).


12.1 – Unlawful Resale

All transfers for a fee, resale, offers of resale, or exchanges or offers to exchange a Ticket or Product for any consideration whatsoever that are not made in the context of any resale network or platform that may be authorized by the GIP is strictly prohibited.

12.2 – Promotional and/or Marketing Activities

Subject to the GIP’s express and exceptional consent, it is strictly prohibited:

  • To use or try to use any Ticket or Product as the basis for any promotional, advertising, commercial purpose, in particular as the prize in any contest, game, internal encouragement operations or any action of such type;
  • To use or try to use any Ticket Or Product as a component of a travel or public relations service (combining for example the Ticket or Product with any means of transport and/or accommodation and/or catering or food service);
  • To engage in any commercial activity during the Event, inside or near the Circuit;

To associate its name in any manner to the GIP’s name.


The Ticketholder is responsible for their Ticket, which they can reprint (E-Ticket) or regenerate (M-Ticket) as they please until the Event.

It is however specified that (i) only the last downloaded Ticket will be accepted at the security check and will allow entrance to the Circuit, and (ii) only the first Ticket to be presented will grant access to the Circuit (the GIP cannot be held liable for any denial of access related to the fact that a third party has already presented the Ticket to access the Circuit).


To access the Circuit during the Event, all Ticketholders must have a valid Ticket that indicates their name, age, and seat type, as well as a valid I.D.

The Ticketholder gains entry to the Circuit through one of the public access points (even if it is not the closest to his grandstand), with their Ticket, which will be read and recorded by the computerized Circuit-access control system and/or checked by GIP personnel.

Only the first Ticket presented will grant access to the Circuit.

The Ticketholder agrees to submit to the following security measures:

  • D. checks, security pat-downs, visual inspection of their personal effects by a police officer and/or authorized GIP personnel;
  • Presentation of all items in their possession, it being specified that cannot be brought into the enclosure and must be left at the entrance to the Circuit (unless the GIP sets up a checkroom) (i) any items prohibited by the Internal Rules and/or any applicable law or applicable regulations, (ii) any items that might be considered as dangerous or that might endanger public order, public safety, the Event or other spectators, and (iii) any banners or material including a promotional, protesting or religious message.

Anyone who refuses to submit to the security measures will be denied entry to the Circuit or will be removed from it. In such case, the Ticket will not be reimbursed.

All Purchasers are informed that, depending on the circumstances, the GIP may institute exceptional security measures that may affect the average wait time to enter the Circuit.

In addition, only one bag (purse/backpack) per person is authorized inside the Circuit. No bulky bag, luggage or other bulky item will be authorized inside the Circuit.

No one will be readmitted after leaving the Circuit.

Except for guide dogs supporting any person with a disability card in compliance with the applicable regulations, pets and animals shall not be admitted inside the Circuit.

All Purchasers and Ticketholders are advised to wear hearing protection, considering the very loud noise level that might be reached during races and ancillary activities, in order to prevent any damage and to fully enjoy the Event.


All Purchasers and Ticketholders acknowledge that they are familiar with and will without exception comply, and have minors under parental authority comply, with the GTS, the Internal Rules, and all applicable legal provisions, in particular those related to security in sports arenas (especially articles L. 332-3 to L. 332-16 of the French Sports Code).

All Purchasers and Ticketholders commit and undertake to conform to any signage, keep to the authorised paths and refrain from reaching (or trying to reach) any restricted area without authorisation.

Products may not be reimbursed, even if the Event is cancelled or interrupted before it has reached its midpoint for any reason whatsoever.


16.1 – Cancellation of the Event

Tickets may be reimbursed only if the Event is cancelled or interrupted before it has reached its midpoint for reasons other than a force majeure event or the act of a third party.

All requests for reimbursement in such a case must be sent to GIP within three (3) months of the Event.

16.2 – Event Content and Terms

The following information has no contractual value and GIP cannot be held liable in connection with:

  • The public or promotional documentation presented to the Purchaser in connection with promoting the Event and selling Tickets and Products;
  • The list of Formula One drivers and teams taking part in the Event;
  • The Event’s program, including any support races and ancillary activities (including concerts, shows, games, etc.) organized or announced in relation with the Event;

The dates and times related to the Event, which may be modified at any time by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which holds the commercial rights to the Formula One World Championship, and/or any administrative authority.

16.3 – Change of Seating in a Stand

The GIP may ask (at any moment and on an exceptional basis) any Ticketholder to temporarily or permanently sit in a different seat, especially if such modification is required for organization and security needs, in accordance with the competition regulations, the organizer’s potential requirements or a force majeure event. The GIP shall then inform the Purchaser of such modification by any possible way and as soon as possible.

16.4 –  Force Majeure

The GIP cannot under any circumstances be held liable for events that constitute force majeure or for the acts of third parties.

The GIP shall not be liable, in particular but not only, for the following events: bad weather, strikes, changes to regulations, or a decision by an authority that has jurisdiction (e.g.: a prefectural or ministerial, a decision issued by the FIA or the holder of the commercial rights to the order issued by the prefect or minister, Formula One World Championship, etc.).

16.5 – Incidents – Harm

All Purchasers and Ticketholders acknowledge that motor racing and any activities associated therewith are dangerous.

The GIP declines all responsibility for any harm that may be suffered by any person due to any incident that occurs in connection with the Event it puts on at the Circuit, unless it is proved to have committed a particularly serious wrongful act. All Purchasers and Ticketholders are informed that no responsibility shall be assumed (other than French public order minimal responsibility) on such matter by sporting sanctioning bodies (French Motorsports Association, FIA), World Championship’s commercial rights holder (FOWC and its affiliates, including Formula One Management Limited, Formula One Licensing B.V., Formula One Asset Management Limited, Formula One Hospitality and Event Services Limited, Formula Motorsport Limited, Formula One Marketing Limited), the persons involved in the organization of the Event (including officials, marshals, rescue and medical staff), the competitors and drivers.

16.6 – Nonperformance

The GIP cannot be held liable for any nonperformance or poor performance of the Agreement or of any Order that is caused by the Purchaser, by an unforeseeable and unavoidable act by a third party to the Agreement or the Order, or by force majeure.


17.1 – Violation of the GTS

If the Purchaser or the Ticketholder violates any of the GTS provisions, their Order may be immediately cancelled by operation of law and with no prior formalities. In such case, the Purchaser or Ticketholder will also be denied access to the Circuit, without prejudice to the GIP’s right to compensation.

17.2 – Unlawful Resale/Unlawful Promotional Activities

If any of the prohibitions set out in articles 12.2 and/or 12.3 are violated, the GIP reserves the right to cancel the Ticket without warning or prior notice and, if applicable, to eject the offender from the Circuit, without prejudice to the penalties provided for in Article 313-6-2 of the French Penal Code, according to which: “Selling, offering for sale, or exhibiting for the purpose of selling, transferring, or providing the means to sell or transfer tickets to a sporting, cultural, or commercial event or a live performance, habitually and without authorization from the producer, organizer, or owner of the operating rights to such event or performance, is punishable by a fine of 15,000 euros. Such penalty is increased to a fine of 30,000 euros for a repeat offense”.

17.3 – Prohibited Conduct/Violation of Applicable Rules

The Purchaser/Ticketholder also agrees that the following types of conduct may, at the GIP’s discretion, cause them to be ejected from the Circuit and their Ticket cancelled without reimbursement:

  • Fraud or attempted fraud to enter the Circuit;
  • Organising or attempting to organize bets (in cash or in kind) on the sports results related to the Event;
  • Violation of the internal Rules and/or any applicable law, in particular the law related to security inside sports arenas.

In addition, the GIP reserves the right to cancel a Ticket purchase that presents a risk of fraud, in particular the fraudulent use of a bank card, or a risk that the security of the sporting event will be compromised.


The Purchaser/Ticketholder is informed that for their security, the Circuit may be equipped with a videosurveillance system and the images from such system may be used in the event of legal action. A right of access is provided during the image-storage period. It may be exercised by writing to:

However, access to such images may be denied for reasons related to national security, national defense, public safety, the conduct of legal proceedings or of operations preliminary to such proceedings, or the rights of third parties.


The Purchaser acknowledges that the GIP consents to sell them the Ticket(s) and Product(s) because of their status and the representations they make. As a result, they warrant the accuracy of the information requested regarding their personal status and that of any Ticketholders.


20.1 – GIP’s Rights

All of the trademarks, illustrations, images, logotypes, and slogans used in connection with promoting the Event and selling the Tickets, the Products and their accessories are and will remain the sole property of the GIP and/or its partners.

Any total or partial reproduction, modification, or use of such trademarks, illustrations, images, logotypes, or slogans for any reason and on any media whatsoever, by any Purchaser or Ticketholder, without the GIP’s prior express consent, is strictly prohibited.

In addition, Purchasers/Ticketholders shall not capture, record, store, broadcast, and/or make available to the public, in real time or playback, wholly or partially, with or without charge, any sound recording and/or any animated image captured by any means inside the Circuit in connection with the Event (including drivers and cars), regardless of the broadcast method (television, radio, Internet, mobile, phone, or any other current or future method). The GIP reserves the right to refuse to allow any photo/video capture or recording equipment to be brought into the Circuit other than a mobile phone.

Should Purchasers/Ticketholders perform any recording, they shall assign to the GIP and the F1 World Championship commercial rights’ holder the copyright and all other intellectual property in such creation.

Purchasers/Ticketholders shall not broadcast or make available to the public inside the Circuit any commercial and/or promotional images or videos, or images or videos that are contrary to good morals and/or the Event’s standing.

Moreover, Purchasers/Ticketholders shall not broadcast, publish, or deliver to any third party, by any process whatsoever, with or without charge, any data, statistics, information, or fact in relation to the progress of any competition during the Event.

20.2 Right to One’s Image

All Ticketholders (adults and minors) are fully aware that they may be photographed and/or filmed by the GIP’s or the Circuit’s crews, and/or by any media operators (television crews, photographers, journalists, etc.).

All Ticketholders therefore expressly authorize the GIP, the Circuit, and/or any media operator or partner of the GIP to capture their image and voice for free by any means, and to use them on all types of media and for all types of broadcasting (in particular, television, website, social media, etc.) for any purpose including commercial purposes (in particular, to promote the GIP and/or the Event), and in the context of the televised rebroadcast of the Event.

Such authorization is valid worldwide and for the entire period during which authors’ rights are legally protected.

All Purchasers warrant to the GIP that they have informed the Ticketholder(s) of the terms of this article and guarantee their consent.


All questions or complaints related to the follow-up on the purchase and use of a Ticket or Product may be sent by email to


In accordance with French law number 78-10 of January, 6 1978 (the Data Protection Law), the Purchaser has a right to access, correct, and, subject to applicable legal provisions in this area, delete the data concerning them. The GIP is the data controller.

The Purchaser’s personal information is collected by the GIP in compliance with (i) French law number 78-10 dated January 6th, 1978, (ii) the General data protection regulation dated May 25th, 2018, and (iii) the GIP’s privacy policy.

It is moreover stipulated that pursuant to Article L. 332-1 of the French Sports Code: “To contribute to the security of sporting events, the organisers of such events may refuse or cancel delivery of tickets to such events or deny access to the persons who have violated or are violating the provisions of the general terms and conditions of sale or the internal rules related to the security of such events. For this purpose, the organisers may institute automatic processing of personal data related to the breaches set out in the penultimate paragraph of this article, in accordance with the terms of a French State Council decree issued following a reasoned, published, Data Protection Committee opinion”.


Neither Party may undertake an obligation in the name and/or on behalf of the other Party. In addition, each Party is solely liable for their allegations, obligations, services, products, and personnel.


The fact that a Party does not invoke the other Party’s agreement to any of the obligations set out in these GTS cannot be interpreted as a waiver, for the future, of the obligation in question.


25.1 – Applicable Law


25.2 – Voluntary [Dispute Resolution]

All claims related to the purchase or use of a Ticket or Product, or to the application or interpretation of these GTS, must be brought to the GIP’s attention by email sent to, or by registered letter sent to GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet, Hôtel de Région, 27 Place Jules Guesde, 13481 Marseille cedex 20.

25.3 – Request for Mediation

Individual non-professional Purchasers are informed that if their claim cannot be resolved voluntarily, they may request mediation by a consumer-protection mediator, in accordance with Articles L611-1 et seq. of the French Consumer Protection Code.

The following mediator has jurisdiction over the GIP: MEDICYS, 73, boulevard de Clichy, 75009 Paris (Tel: 01 49 70 15 93, Email:, website:

To request mediation, individual non-professional Purchasers can use the form available on the mediator’s website.

The GIP is free to agree to mediation or not and, in the case of mediation, to accept the mediator’s solution or not.