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Lewis Hamilton king of the 2019 Formula 1 French Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton wins this 60th edition of the French Grand Prix with a large lead over his team-mate Valtteri Bottas. The Monegasque Charles Leclerc completes this podium followed by Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Nico Hülkenberg of the Renault F1 team finished eighth. The 135,000 people who attended the Formula 1 French Grand Prix saw the Mercedes’ domination in free practice, qualifying and racing.

Pierre Gasly finished tenth in this Grand Prix after a disappointing race: “It has been a long and difficult day and I am disappointed, especially here in France. Since qualifying, I’ve been struggling to find grip and it was the same during the race. For the moment, I don’t have the answer, but I’m sure we’ll analyze everything to understand exactly why we lacked rhythm. We will have to work hard with the team quickly to get back and set everything up for the next race. »

Romain Grosjean dropped out on lap 47 of this 60th edition: “I got the most out of the car, but it wasn’t enough. Even if the balance seemed correct, we were very slow. We have to go back and analyze everything, try to understand. We’re just having a really hard time, that’s all. It’s hard to be forced to give up in front of your audience. We were far from the points anyway. I think it was the right decision.”

Scuderia Ferrari had a mixed weekend after a difficult qualifying session for Sebastien Vettel. Ferrari scored 26 points in the Manufacturers’ Championship with Charles Leclerc finishing third and Sebastian Vettel fifth, encouraging results for Mattia Binotto: “In terms of performance, we are not yet where we want to be. We knew this circuit would be difficult for us and finishing with Charles just behind Bottas is encouraging. The developments we have introduced since the GP of Spain have allowed us to close the gap and we have shown that we are on the right track. At this stage, we are confident, aware that there is still a lot to do, but that we have the ability to develop the car and be competitive on all tracks. “

Despite the penalty imposed on Daniel Ricciardo depriving him of points and Nico Hülkenberg of eighth place, Cyril Abiteboul was not hiding his satisfaction: “The cars powered by Renault certainly animated this Grand Prix! I think seventh and ninth place was the best possible result at the finish given our positions on the grid and I am sure the fans will be delighted. Daniel didn’t have an ideal start, but he was able to fight thanks to a well thought-out strategy and aggressive driving. Nico stayed in Kimi’s exhaust throughout the race. He was fast, but not fast enough to try and succeed in a manoeuvre. Daniel’s ten-second penalty excluded him from the points. This is disappointing, as it was probably the most intense moment of a rather dull race with four great riders fighting safely and respectfully in the final corners. With all the challenges of passing cars on the track, this shows once again that qualifying determines the outcome of the weekend. This is also where our main focus for improvement lies.”

Lewis Hamilton wins the French Grand Prix, his sixth victory this season: “It’s a great track to drive in race, there are very technical areas. It may seem easy from the outside, but it was not easy at all, everything is still on the razor’s edge. We made it to the end and I couldn’t do it without this incredible team. I am so proud of everyone and so proud to be part of this group of people. This is the best start of the year, so we have to take advantage of it. “

2019 Driver Standings

  • 1 Lewis Hamilton 187
  • 2 Valtteri Bottas 151
  • 3 Sebastian Vettel 111
  • 4 Max Verstappen 100
  • 5 Charles Leclerc 87
  • 6 Pierre Gasly 36
  • 7 Carlos Sainz Jr. 26
  • 8 Daniel Ricciardo 22
  • 9 Kimi Räikkönen 17
  • 10 Kevin Magnussen 14
  • 11 Nico Hülkenberg 14
  • 12 Lando Norris  13
  • 13 Sergio Pérez  13
  • 14 Daniil Kvyat 10
  • 15 Alexander Albon 7
  • 16 Lance Stroll 6
  • 17 Romain Grosjean 2
  • 18 Antonio Giovinazzi 0
  • 19 George Russell 0
  • 20 Robert Kubica   0
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