While the ticketing offers have just been disclosed, a tough choice is presented to future spectators of the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France 2018: which spot to choose to be closer to the action from 22th to 24th June?

The thrill of departure

For thrill seekers, the grandstand along the pit straight is an option to consider. The first meters of a Grand Prix can be hot on the Paul Ricard circuit! This covered grandstand also allows to be in the front row to appreciate the commandos of mechanics -these heroes of the shadow- during tire changes that can sometimes change the fate of the race. She is also strategically placed to witness the flag decline and the podium ceremony, which will celebrate the first Grand Prix of France winner since Felipe Massa in 2008.

The “Sainte Baume” resuscitated

A few hundred meters away, six stands will be positioned outside the turn of “Sainte-Baume”. The last five French Grand Prix held on the Paul Ricard having been contested on the course of 3,810 kilometers, it is necessary to go back to 1985 to find trace of the last passage in race of F1 in this delicate and complete sequence. The pilots approach it at full speed and have to negotiate a fast right giving on a left which opens on a double right bringing back on the straight line after a curve on the left. Spectators will be able to appreciate the pilots an action on five successive turns with speeds ranging from 90 to 200 km / h! It was there that Keke Rosberg, in an irresistible rush, had prepared his thrust to delight Alain Prost second place at the 1985 French Grand Prix.

The taste of the new

If you are thirsty for something new, you’ll probably want to choose one of the six stands around the “Chicane Nord” that will be used for the first time. It will be a real dexterity contest for the drivers. Indeed, this chicane cutting the traditional “Ligne Droite du Mistral” in two parts, the cars will arrive launched at nearly 344 km / h before initiating a violent braking that should divide their speed by three! Specialists in late braking will not fail to gain some places. After negotiating the chicane at a little over 100 km / h, the pilots will refocus the direction of the “Courbe de Signe”.

The technique in highlights

Four stands outside the famous “Double-Droit du Beausset” will allow spectators to observe one of the most technical areas of the circuit. With this large right curve whose radius is gradually narrowing, the talent of the drivers is put to severe test. They approach it at nearly 344 km / h and emerge at more than 170 km / h.


Ultimate opportunity to overtake, the “Virage du Pont” located just before the pit straight, offers last-minute upheavals. With 4 stands also, it allows to see the entry of the drivers in the stands and therefore to understand the strategies used by the various contenders for the victory.

Have you made your choice ?


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