OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION – Formula 1 Grand Prix de France

The first day of the Formula 1 French Grand Prix was a display of extraordinary popular fervor, with nearly 30 000 spectators present at the circuit, an attendance never heard of for a Grand Prix Friday!

This massive flow of vehicles, however, triggered a temporary overload of a number of access roads, a situation that was partly resolved by mid-afternoon, but remains nonetheless unacceptable for those that have been impacted by these traffic jams.

Though less traffic is to be expected over the weekend with the absence of commuters, the organisers have demanded that significant measures be taken by the prefectoral authorities in order to reduce congestion and prevent such an intolerable situation to occur again.

Moreover, all parking lots around the circuit will be open tomorrow as of 6.30am.

Spectators are advised to anticipate their arrival as much as possible for this weekend and to carpool. 

The following access roads are recommended:

  • A8 – Saint-Maximim Exit 34, then follow RD 554 towards Cuers
  • A8 – Brignoles Exit 35, then follow RD 43 towards Cuers
  • A57 – Exit 7 Solliès-Toucas, towards Méounes, then followRD 2 towards Signes
  • A50 – Exit 11 Le Beausset – Le Castellet
  • A52 – Exit 35 Aubagne, then follow RD N 8 towards Cuges-les-Pins
  • Coming from Marseille, follow RD N 8 towards Cuges-les-Pins.

It is recommended to follow the specific event signage and the recommendations given on Radio Vinci Autoroutes (107.7 Mhz/FM), rather than GPS devices instructions.

Lastly, an official mobility Twitter account for the French Grand Prix informs the public in real time of traffic instructions: @Venir_GPFrance


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