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Sustainable development policy

The Formula One French Grand Prix, organised by the GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet, recognises that its operations may have environmental, social and economic impacts and makes every effort to have a positive effect in these areas.

The GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet also undertakes to comply with all legal and other requirements applicable to the environment.

The GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet undertakes to continually improve its environmental actions, recognising its responsibility towards the environment and setting itself the main objective of progressively and continuously reducing negative effects on the environment.

The GIP Grand Prix de France will strive to measure its progress and continuously improve its commitments wherever possible. In order to protect the environment, the GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet strives to minimise the consumption of resources and the production of waste, by encouraging the use of recycled materials, renewable energy sources and the recovery of waste; by collaborating with suppliers and contractors to improve respect for and protection of the environment; by promoting communication and education of personnel to ensure correct environmental behaviour and by raising awareness of the public and all parties involved in environmental protection.

Below is a list of some of the actions and improvements implemented by the GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet:

  • Development and implementation of a mobility plan to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of spectators;
  • Extension of the “zero plastic” practice to all the service providers concerned;
  • Proposal of acts of generosity in the commercial policy of the GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet (ticketing, hospitality);
  • Integration of local institutions and schools in the Southern Region into the world of Formula 1 and raising the awareness of young people to major societal issues (road safety, sustainable development);
  • Development of the local economic fabric with job creation and collaboration with local players;
  • Integration in our calls for tenders of rating criteria linked to the eco-responsibility of our future suppliers;
  • Development of a strong waste management policy with our service providers and spectators.

This policy will be reviewed every year. It will be accessible to the general public via our website: www.gpfrance.com.

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