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Terms of Use

This website www.gpfrance.com and its subdomains (hereafter referred to as the “Website“) is/are the exclusive property of the GROUPEMENT D’INTERET PUBLIC GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE – LE CASTELLET (hereafter referred to as the “GIP“).

Company name / Purpose of the GIP

The GIP’s company name is “GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE – LE CASTELLET“.

The GIP is a Groupement d’intérêt public (public interest group) governed by chapter II of law number 2011-525 of May 17, 2011, by decree number 2012-91 of January 26, 2012, and by the order of March 23, 2012, (NOR: PRMX1208587A).

The purpose of the GIP is as follows:

To deploy legal, financial, technical and commercial means and resources with a view to promoting the organisation of a Formula One Grand Prix on the Circuit Paul Ricard track and finding suitable partners for each event.

To undertake all actions for the purpose of (i) demonstrating the sporting and organisational quality of the Grand Prix, (ii) promoting candidacies, (iii) enhancing and promoting the image of the local authorities organising the event and of motorsports in general, and (iv) ensuring that the French Grand Prix project helps boost the region’s development;

Being the key point of contact each year for the public authorities and official organisations responsible in one way or another for the designation of the Grand Prix events included on the world championship calendars and for the satisfactory performance of the events;

Informing the public, by means of regular publications and meetings, of the candidacy and the state of progress with the discussions and negotiations held with the organisations concerned and of the conditions for promoting and organising each Grand Prix event;

Designing and showcasing all related sporting and cultural events in order to promote the event.

I) Definitions

The Website is the GIP’s official website presenting news about the French Grand Prix (hereafter referred to as the “Grand Prix“).

These General Terms of Use (hereafter referred to as the “GTU“) are intended to define the terms of use of the services and the Website content, in order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, to define the behavioural rules, respecting the interests of all surfers (hereafter referred to as the “Surfer(s)“) and subscribers (hereafter referred to as the “Subscriber (s)“) including the protection of their privacy. Any use made by the Subscriber and/or the Surfer of the Website and/or of the services implies total acceptance on his part of the various points described in these GTU.

The Surfer is the person consulting the Website.

The Subscriber is the Surfer registering for the Website’s Newsletter service.

The Website’s Newsletter service (hereafter referred to as the “Newsletter“) offers the possibility to register for the Grand Prix newsletter.

II) Purpose of the General Terms of Use

A) Acceptance of these GTU

1) Presentation of the Website content

The Website, the address of which is www.gpfrance.com  offers a number of services including the possibility for the Surfer to:

Subscribe to the Grand Prix Newsletter in order to receive offers related to the Grand Prix’s activities including links to competitions, social network entries, ticket sales and the shop;

The nature and/or scope of the services proposed may be modified at any time at the GIP’s discretion, including by means of updates to the Website.

2) License to use the Website’s content

By simply connecting to the Website, the Surfer acknowledges that he accepts a licence for the use of the Website from the GIP, this being strictly subject to the following imperative conditions:

This license is granted on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis;

The right of use granted to the Surfer is a personal and private one. Any reproduction of all or part of the Website’s content on any medium for private, collective or professional use is prohibited. The same applies for any communication of the said content by electronic means, including but not limited to an intranet or extranet.

This license includes only an authorisation to make one copy for storage, for the purpose of displaying it on a single-screen workstation and to make one copy as a backup paper copy. It also includes an authorisation to send an article from the Website to a friend by e-mail.

Any other usage is subject to the GIP’s express and prior consent. Any violation of these provisions will lead to the offender and all other persons responsible becoming liable for all criminal and civil sanctions provided for under French law.

3) Use of and access to the Newsletter reserved for Subscribers only

The Surfer is invited to enter and send the GIP his e-mail address and to indicate which information he wishes to receive (the “Information“). The provision of an e-mail address is mandatory in order for the Surfer’s subscription to the Newsletter to be registered.

When registering for the Newsletter, the Surfer must state the Information he wishes to receive, from among the following:

The Grand Prix Newsletter. The Surfer must answer yes or no by ticking or not ticking the box provided.

Finally, the Surfer must consult and unreservedly accept these Terms of Use at the time of registration.

All use of the Website must comply with the rules detailed in the GTU and therefore implies their unreserved acceptance. In the event that the Surfer does not agree to be bound by the GTU, the registration process will immediately end.

The GIP will record the acceptance date, which by common agreement constitutes the certain conclusion date of this contract between the Subscriber and the GIP.

At any time, the Subscriber has the possibility to modify the choices he made at the time he registered, and to decide to:

No longer receive the Grand Prix Newsletter. The Subscriber may unsubscribe from receiving the Newsletter by clicking the “unsubscribe” link.

B) Accuracy and compliance of the Information

To subscribe to the Newsletter, each Subscriber agrees to supply only accurate, compliant, up-to-date and complete information making it possible to identify him. In particular, he agrees not to use a pseudonym, particularly in the e-mail address, which may infringe the rights of third parties (including the use of a surname, pseudonym or trademark belonging to any other person or entity or of works protected by copyright and/or neighbouring rights) in any way and on any basis. The GIP reserves the right to refuse and/or demand the rectification of the pseudonym and/or e-mail address concerned.

C) Contacts

At any time, the Surfer may contact the GIP and submit questions, regardless of the subject, using the “contact” link at the bottom of the page. The Surfer must supply a valid e-mail address, failing which the message will not be sent.

D) Additional conditions

The use of certain services or certain parts of the Website may require compliance with rules or behavioural standards which may be added in addition to these GTU. These additional conditions will be shown in the form of warnings displayed on the section of the Website concerned and/or when accessing certain services, and must be accepted by the Surfer before any usage takes place.

E) Modifications to the services by the GIP

Any new service including new techniques or characteristics improving the quality of the existing services will also be subject to these GTU, unless expressly stated otherwise.

F) Modifications to the GTU by the GIP

The GIP is free to modify the GTU at any time in order to adapt them to changes in the services proposed on the Website and/or its operation. Consequently, each Surfer is invited to refer to them whenever visiting the Website in order to familiarise himself with the latest version of the GTU, which are displayed online at all times on the Website.

Each Surfer/Subscriber is free not to access the Website and/or the services if he does not accept the GTU.

G) Terms of use of services provided by the GIP’s partners

In order to be able to supply as much information as possible likely to be of interest to the Subscriber, the GIP has created a network of relationships with partner companies. This is the case for example when the partner’s logo is featured on a page of the Website or when stated on the pages concerned, which may refer to another company for example.

The content and services proposed by the GIP’s partners is/are not always directly proposed by the GIP, even when their visual presentation includes references to the GIP.

The content and services proposed by the partners is/are not subject to these GTU. The use of such content and services takes place at each Subscriber’s sole discretion and liability with regard to the GIP, with the GIP assuming no liability for this.

Each Surfer/Subscriber should refer to and carefully read their GTU and the various provisions concerning privacy. If the Subscriber visits a website published by a GIP partner and uses and/or consults content and services mentioning the GIP logo and/or trademark or the partner’s trademark, when this website does not include suitable terms concerning the protection of privacy, it is possible to report it by clicking the “contact” link on the bottom of the page of the Website or by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

H) Terms of use of the websites and/or services referred to on the Website

The Website may propose information for each Surfer/Subscriber concerning other websites and/or services (for example by mentioning website addresses, and/or the presence of links to these websites). Among other things, this information may include advertising and links to competitions. This information is provided for the Surfer/Subscriber’s convenience, although the GIP accepts no liability for it. It is the responsibility of the Surfer/Subscriber to check the content and services of these websites and/or services and to familiarise himself with their terms of use.

III) Personal data / cookies

The client’s personal data is gathered by the GIP in compliance with (i) the provisions of the law of January 6, 1978, (ii) the provisions of the European data protection regulation of 25 May 2018 and (iii) the GIP’s privacy policy.

IV) The Website’s content and characteristics

The GIP will seek to ensure that the Website and/or the services is/are accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, but is bound by no obligation to guarantee this. If the GIP is obliged to interrupt the availability of the Website for maintenance reasons, the GIP may under no circumstances be considered liable for these interruptions or for any consequences this may entail for the Surfers or any third parties.

Similarly, if the GIP wishes to modify or temporarily or permanently interrupt the Website or one of its services, whether wholly or partially, without providing prior notice, it may not be considered liable in any way, with the GIP making no commitment to maintain the permanent availability of the Website and/or the services.

V) The users’ commitments

A) The ban on reproducing and exploiting the services

No Surfer may reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit for commercial or other purposes all or part of the Website, any use of the Website or any access rights to the Website.

It is prohibited to propose products and services procuring any direct or indirect remuneration for the Surfer. Any violation of these imperative provisions will lead to the offender and any other persons responsible incurring the criminal and civil sanctions provided by law.

B) Intellectual property rights: protection of the website’s content

The content of the Website belongs exclusively to the GIP. It is protected by applicable copyright legislation and the applicable international agreements.

Each Surfer is authorised to use the Website and its content exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes. Only the viewing of the Website and the printing of pages or sections of it for personal use by each Surfer are permitted.

The GIP’s company name is a registered trademark and www.gpfrance.com  is a registered domain. It is not permitted to use or circulate the Grand Prix logo and the name of the GIP or the Newsletter in any manner.

VI) Guarantees and liability

A) Limitation of guarantees

The Surfer assumes exclusive liability for the use of the Website, of its services and any elements or information obtained via it.

Each Surfer expressly acknowledges and accepts that:

The Website provides content accessible on an “as is” basis, dependant on the quality of the Internet network;

The GIP provides no express or implied guarantee concerning the quality and compatibility of the website in relation to the specific use the Surfer chooses to make of it;

The GIP may not be considered liable for any lack of performance of the Website and/or the software used or downloaded from the Website, for any loss of data or services resulting from non-compliance with deadlines, from the modification, suspension or interruption of its services, or for any consequences directly or indirectly resulting from the transmission of viruses via its servers.

The GIP declines all liability for any possible disputes, actions or claims by third parties seeking to avail themselves of rights, particularly private rights, concerning any content created by the GIP.

The GIP guarantees that the results, information and services obtained are free of any errors or defects. However, the GIP’s guarantee will not apply in the event that a file or any downloaded content results in the Surfer suffering any loss or damage after downloading this to his terminal equipment, which he undertakes at his own risk.

B) Liability limitations

The GIP informs each Surfer that under the terms of the applicable regulations, the GIP may not be considered liable for any direct or consequential losses, including loss of profit, loss of clientele, loss of data, any loss of intangible assets, lost earnings or any other losses or damage arising following the use of or the inability to access the website, even if the GIP had been informed of the potential for such losses.

C) Compensation

Each Surfer agrees to guarantee and compensate the GIP, its representatives, its employees, its partners, and/or any third party concerning any losses, complaints or claims issued by third parties following the use of the services, including with regard to the sending, circulation or transmission of content by the Surfer via the Website.

VII) Dispute resolution: jurisdiction and applicable law

If one or several clauses of the GTU are found to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or following a final legal ruling by a court with jurisdiction for the matter, the other clauses will retain their full force and scope. The parties then agree to replace the clause declared void and invalid by one matching the content of the initial clause as closely as possible, with a view to maintaining the previous contractual balance.

These GTU for the services, the Newsletter and/or for the Website constitute a contract between the Surfer using the Website and the GIP.

Either party may terminate this without notice and with no requirement to provide justification. All clauses concerning guarantees and liability will remain applicable after the termination of the contract.

This contract is governed by French law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and/or performance of this agreement should be settled amicably where possible. Should no amicable agreement be forthcoming, any unresolved dispute must be submitted to the Courts of Paris.

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